Bally Bet Sportsbook Review

Bally Bet Sportsbook


  • The company possesses end-to-end technology thanks to its ownership of Bet.
  • Works, and the friend-focused features give above-average levels of user engagement.
  • House odds can frequently provide incorrectly priced lines.


  • There is not much of an incentive to sign up.
  • Trophies and loyalty programs are worthless for frequent gamblers since they give no value.
  • Reserves the right to impose wagering limits at any time.
  • Comparatively smaller markets, especially for large events, as compared to other companies.
  • Lack of unique characteristics.


100% of your first bet matched, up to a maximum of $50.

Receive a free bet match of up to $250 regardless of whether you win or lose. It is essential that you are aware that this promotion will match your very first bet, in contrast to the majority of other promotions that will match the amount of your very first deposit.

Bonus for New Users

Bally Bet used to provide new users with a $550 risk-free bet, which was, at best, mediocre and only awarded you if your first bet was unsuccessful. Since then, they have decreased the offer for new users, bringing it down to $50 in most locations (Arizona still receives $250).

The one positive aspect of the new promotion is that it is a genuine free bet offer in which they will match your very first wager without requiring a deposit from you initially.

It is essential that you are aware that this promotion will match your very first bet, in contrast to the majority of other promotions that will match the amount of your very first deposit. For instance, if you make a deposit of $50 but your first wager is just $10, you will only receive a $10 bonus instead of the whole amount. Therefore, you need to make sure that your first bet is equal to or greater than the maximum bonus, and you need to make that bet within seven days after having your Patron account verified otherwise the offer will be void.

Promotions and Competitions That Never Stop

Bally Bet does not provide a comprehensive selection of ongoing promotions, and the few that they do provide are not particularly noteworthy in any way. You may discover daily promos such as happy hour discounts where you receive cheaper juice of -105 for every professional football game from 1 PM till kickoff. These promotions are available. They also feature a contest called “Bally Baller,” in which participants predict the final digit of the total number of points scored by both sides in each quarter. There is also a contest called “Bally Diamond 8” for Major League Baseball. To earn this, you must correctly predict the final total score in eight different MLB games. These tournaments have low entry costs yet provide players with the opportunity to win big rewards of up to one million dollars.

Bettors who place frequent wagers can earn trophies, which can later be redeemed for free bet credits. The value of free bets can range anywhere from ten dollars to five hundred dollars, however the greater incentives need longer odds or a higher amount of winning bet totals. For instance, in order to obtain this trophy and collect your free bet of $500, you will need to put one successful bet with minimum odds of +50000. Players who have placed 100 live real money wagers that have been successful will be eligible for a free bet worth $100. Even some of the free bets worth ten dollars are difficult to get, such as when you have to win five real-money bets in a row or when you have to win a parlay bet that includes five different kinds of competitions. These promos are valid exclusively online and cannot be redeemed in person. After seven days of being credited to your account, any free bets that you have won will no longer be valid.

In addition to the main events, you can often discover promos and discounted juice centering around local sports teams at Bally Bet. These promotions and discounts are dependent on your locality.

Rewards for Loyalty

Bally Bet goes above and above by providing frequent bettors with trophies and also has a loyalty rewards scheme in place. It is unfortunate that it is a terrible software with value comparable to spending $50 at an arcade in order to get enough tickets to buy an eraser that costs $0.10 cents.

You may earn benefits through the loyalty program for your betting activity either on Bally Bet or at the casino. You get one point for every two dollars wagered on straight bets, two points for every two dollars wagered on teasers, one point for every two dollars multiplied by the number of teams picked in parlays (up to ten teams), and one point for every two dollars wagered on progressive parlays.

Earning one dollar’s worth of free play or cash at the casino requires you to have a total of 2,000 points rather than 4,000 points. In all likelihood, you won’t receive a single dollar in free play prizes until you’ve placed straight bets totaling four thousand dollars first.

In addition, there is a Premier VIP Program that gives members access to exclusive discounts and assistance with customer service.


The History of the Bally Bet Company

The Providence, Rhode Island-based Bally’s Corporation is a gaming, betting, and interactive entertainment company. Its headquarters are located in Providence. In 2020, the casino operator Twin River Worldwide Holdings paid Caesars Entertainment $20 million to obtain the rights to use the Bally’s name, and it then rebranded itself as Bally’s.

Sinclair Broadcast Group and Bally’s Corporation made the announcement that their respective regional sports networks would be rebranded under the name Bally Sports in March of 2021. As a benefit of their collaboration, Sinclair Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) were formerly known as FOX Sports Networks. Bally’s has entered into a 10-year agreement to buy the branding rights for all Sinclair RSNs.

In October of 2021, Bally’s successfully finalized the acquisition of Gamesys Group, a prominent worldwide online gaming operator located in the United Kingdom, for a total price of $2.7 billion. These two acquisitions are essential to Bally’s transformation into a leading data-driven gaming company operating on a worldwide scale.

Combining the player databases and technologies of Bally’s and Gamesys gives Bally’s access to one of the largest portfolios of omni-channel cross-sell opportunities. These opportunities include in-person gaming, online sports betting, daily fantasy sports, iCasino, poker, bingo, and free-to-play games. These offers, in conjunction with Bally Interactive and Bally’s media collaboration with Sinclair Broadcast Group, put the company in a position to realize enormous development prospects in the online entertainment and sports betting markets in the United States.

Additionally, Bally’s has reached an agreement to buy the iGaming innovation studio Degree 53, which is situated in Manchester, in the month of October 2021. Degree 53 is tasked with assisting Bally’s with the integration of its portfolio of Monkey Knife Fight, SportCaller, and Gamesys Group into a Bally Bet 2.0 launch in early 2022. Degree 53 is a specialist in the development of software, user experience, and mobile applications for iGaming and sports betting operators. Penn National Gaming, Betfred, Scientific Games, and FDJ Gaming Solutions are among the companies that are clients of Degree 53.

Bally’s Corporation ($BALY) announced in November 2021 that its sales for the third quarter of 2021 had established a new record of $314.8 million, an increase of $198.2 million, or 170 percent, over the previous year’s total.

Which states do you have access to the Bally Bet website?

Bally Bet is quite new to the industry at this point. At this time, it is only offered in the states of Colorado, Iowa, and Virginia. It is making preparations to begin operations in Indiana very shortly. The New York State Gaming Commission granted approval for nine sportsbooks to conduct online sports betting in the state of New York, and Bally’s was one of those nine sportsbooks. Despite the fact that the online betting platform has a very modest footprint, the Bally’s Corporation has market access in 16 states, which indicates that there is the potential for the Bally Bet app to rapidly expand.

In addition to the online sportsbook, Bally’s casinos can be found in the states of Indiana (at the Tropicana Evansville), Illinois (at the Jumer’s Casino and Hotel), Louisiana (at the Eldorado Shreveport), Nevada (at the Tropicana Las Vegas), New Jersey (at the Bally’s Atlantic City), Pennsylvania (at a location that is currently under construction in State College), and Arizona (Phoenix Mercury). It is expected that they will soon begin operations in Virginia, which will make it the only state in which they plan to do so that does not have a traditional casino. In addition, in the latter half of 2021, they put in a bid to construct an entertainment destination resort that would cost $1.6 billion.

The Standard of the Odds at Bally Bet

Due to the fact that Bally’s calculates its odds using in-house data, the establishment does on occasion provide lines that are incorrectly priced. In addition, depending on where you are located, they frequently lessen the juice that is placed on local teams. Overall, their odds are around the same as average, and they will limit bettors who are on a winning run; hence, if you are consistently using this to your advantage, you will reach your limit very fast.

Bally Bet Offers Wagering on a Variety of Sports

The coverage at Bally Bet is about par for the course when it comes to the big sports. You can watch major league baseball, national football league, college football, mixed martial arts (UFC, Bellator), boxing, golf, tennis, soccer, auto racing, women’s national basketball association, national hockey league, college basketball, WNBA, Canadian Football League, and international baseball (KBO, NPG). They provide alternate lines and a respectable number of props for major sports like the NFL, such as the first touchdown scorer, the anytime touchdown scorer, the total passing yards, the total receiving yards, and so on. They also include futures odds, which include the clubs with the highest and lowest scoring averages each week. The navigation of the props is difficult, and they are frequently buried somewhere inside the game lines, but they are accessible for most of the main sports.

Experience Betting on Sports Online and on Mobile Devices

At Bally Bet, navigating the site and using the mobile app is just as easy as using the desktop version. Unlike other books, it does not bombard you with promos and a large number of competitions that you have no interest in participating in. This is due, in part, to the fact that this particular company does not yet have a great deal of activity going on. Both of these platforms suffer from an absence of cutting-edge features, and the live betting function is much inferior to other options.

Even the most senior members of Bally Bet’s management team would tell you that the company has not yet seen anything close to its full potential. As was indicated in an early 2021 quarterly earnings call, the company was waiting for its $2.7 billion acquisition of Gamesys, which was centered on the United Kingdom, in order to build out Bally Bet. In October of 2021, the transaction was successfully completed.

Live Betting

Live betting and in-game props are also accessible with Bally Bet, and they cover all of the main sports. However, the live betting capability is currently below average, and this will undoubtedly be an issue that has to be addressed as the platform continues to be developed. Live streaming is not available; however, as of March 2021, Bally’s has entered into a ten-year agreement to purchase the branding rights for all Sinclair Regional Sports Networks that were formerly known as FOX Sports Networks. This might result in the introduction of live streaming.

Additional Gambling Options Available at Bally Bet

The Bally Bet app does not presently provide any iGaming or casino choices; however, this should change in the near future as a result of the company’s acquisition of Gamesys Group, which is a prominent worldwide online gambling operator.

The Bally’s corporation is responsible for the management of 12 casinos located in eight different states, a horse racetrack, and 13 off-track betting licenses in Colorado. In addition, the Bally’s corporation owns the daily fantasy sports platform known as Monkey Knife Fight, as well as SportCaller, which is a global free-to-play game provider used by FanDuel, CBS Sports, BetMGM, and William Hill, amongst other companies. Soon, their casino options will expand to include 16 casinos spread out over 11 states. It is safe to say that if everything goes well with the expansion, we should see Bally Bet offering all of the staples that you can find on major sportsbook platforms as well as possibly a racebook in the future similar to what FanDuel and BetMGM are now offering. This is something that we should be able to look forward to.

The Community for Social Betting

Bally Bet is now home to a number of innovative features, one of which is their friends section, which combines a social networking component with the activity of betting. After you have started following your friends, you will have access to a number of different functions. You may share your bets and debate them on your social feed, make fun of a friend’s “lock of the night,” or celebrate a significant victory with the linked betting community.

On the interactive betting side, you will have the ability to add your friends’ wagers straight to your bet slip with the click of a button. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to challenge your friends in bespoke leagues in order to acquire bragging rights regarding your betting abilities. On your profile, you will also discover a betting Hall of Fame that lists your highest payouts, longest winning streaks, most significant underdogs, and a variety of other information.

Assistance to Customers

You can expect to find all of the standard customer care options available with Bally Bet, which is a big online sportsbook. When we pretended to be first-time gamblers wanting to open an account, we put a few of these strategies to the test and discovered that they provided new service compared to the competition. On each of their state-specific contact sites, they include both live chat and a frequently asked questions area. Additionally, you may get in touch with Bally Bet by utilizing any of the following methods:

  • Email:
    • Phone: 844-844-3BET
    • You can find us on Twitter at @BallyBetSupport


Once the company has properly gotten its bearings under it, the Bally Bet app ought to undergo significant development and has the potential to develop into a significant competitor in due time. They have plans to release Bally Bet 2.0 at the beginning of 2022, and with Gamesys and Degree 53’s assistance, it will have a drastically different appearance. When they are able to include Monkey Knife Fight as a daily fantasy sports (DFS) provider into Bally Bet, it will be a significant step toward competing with industry leaders such as DraftKings and FanDuel. You shouldn’t give much thought to making Bally Bet a regular part of your sportsbook rotation for the time being unless you happen to locate gaps in their lines. Bally Bet’s operation is rather basic, and it doesn’t provide many many features. In spite of this, the company is one that has a bright future ahead of it.


Currency that is Accepted

  • USD

Various Ways to Make a Deposit

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Discover
  • eCheck
  • Play+
  • ATM
  • Skrill

Various Strategies for Withdrawal

  • Play+
  • ATM
  • eCheck

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