Circa Sportsbook Review

Circa Sportsbook


  • The world’s largest sportsbook may be found in Las Vegas, which also features high betting restrictions.
  • Able to provide lines that are more advantageous than those offered by competitors
  • Will occasionally initiate the opening of odds markets.


  • A restricted number of athletic events and betting alternatives to choose from.
  • Limited choices available for making deposits and withdrawing funds.
  • No deposit bonuses or promos.
  • The entrance costs for promoted contests are typically rather costly, rendering them inaccessible to casual gamblers.


There are no bonuses, but the limitations are high.

When opposed to the normal practice in the business, Circa Sports has adopted a unique approach to developing its product. There is neither a new player bonus nor any other ongoing promotions available with Circa.

The majority of legal sportsbooks in the United States give bettors with an intriguing sign-up offer such as a deposit match or a risk-free bet, in addition to providing promotions on an ongoing basis. Although these offers are typically packed with restrictions and conditions that limit their true worth or diminish their profitability, they are still vital and engaging components of the current betting world, and they appeal to the common player.

Circa can have difficulty competing in shared markets if it does not offer continuing promotions or sign-up bonuses to its customers. Other shared market competitors include Caesars Sportsbook, BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings.

In areas where it falls short on important promos, Circa makes up for it by hosting some of the most extensive and high-stakes NFL betting competitions in the country.

The winner of the Circa Sports Million Pro Football Contest will get one million dollars of the total guaranteed prize pool of four million dollars. It offers quarterly MVP rewards, with the first place winner receiving $150,000, the second place winner receiving $50,000, and the third place winner receiving $25,000. There is also a “Booby” reward for the participant who finishes in last place each quarter, and the winner of that prize receives $25,000.

In order to participate in this contest, you will need to make five NFL choices each week against the spread. You receive one point for each choice that is accurate, and you lose half a point if you push. Any and all registrations for the contest must be carried out in person at any one of their sites in Las Vegas. Additionally, all contestants are required to be active participants in the “Club One” program.

You can play from out of state via a Nevada-based proxy if you don’t want to make your choices in person or via their app in Las Vegas. The entry fee is $1,000, and each participant is limited to a maximum of three submissions. The winner will have the option to receive their prize money in the form of cash, a cheque, casino chips, free play on slot machines, promotional chips for table games, or any combination of these payment options. There are no methods of making payments online available.

The Circa Sports Pro Football Survivor Pool is the second contest that is being highlighted here. The entry that ends up being the last one standing gets the full survivor pool, which is guaranteed to be worth $6 million and might be worth even more if the number of entrants topped $6 million (which they did not). There was an additional bonus reward of one million dollars for an entry that went unbeaten all 20 times it was played. An entrant MUST choose either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 18 in order to be eligible for the Undefeated Bonus Prize.

The survivor pool has a same entry fee of $1,000 as the pick ’em contest, but each participant is limited to a maximum of six entries. Any and all registrations for the contest must be carried out in person at any one of the Las Vegas locations. Additionally, weekly choices may only be entered from within the state of Nevada, either at one of their sportsbooks or through their mobile app. In the year 2021, there were 4,080 people who entered this contest, which resulted in an overlay of $1.9 million that Circa was necessary to supply for the reward pool.

Although these are the sorts of exciting tournaments that low-stakes bettors would want to participate in, the entrance fee for both of these games is an exorbitant $1,000, therefore Circa is only interested in serving the high-stakes population.

A season-long competition with an admission price of $1,000 is not going to be as enticing to the bulk of the gaming population in this day and age, given that online gamers may also resort to weekly NFL DFS tournaments with a $1 million payout for first place for an entry fee of just $20. In addition, it is inconvenient due to Circa’s restricted availability and the obligation to sign up in person.


Open to Membership States

Circa is largely a land-based sportsbook provider that also has a presence in the states of Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa.

Odds and their Quality

Standard juice -110 lines are available on totals and sides when betting with Circa Sports. When doing our research, we discovered that certain live betting lines on NFL games were set at -112 and -107, which is a highly competitive range. Because Circa Sports provides some lines that are based on opinions, it is often possible to discover a good bargain when betting on individual teams to cover the moneyline. It is well-known for providing high-quality odds on golf, and its futures betting odds are considered to be of a satisfactory strength. The quality of their odds is, on the whole, higher than average.

The Sports Were Discussed

Circa Sports provides coverage of various sports, including auto racing, baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, and soccer, in addition to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It’s possible that you’ll have to search elsewhere if you want to bet bets in secondary marketplaces.

Circa Sports tries its best not to inundate gamblers with an excessive number of options. There are betting opportunities on the National Football League and college football, but not on the Canadian Football League. You won’t find much in the way of betting on basketball leagues, baseball leagues, or hockey leagues anywhere in the world.

On each game, you will only have three betting options available to you: the spread, the total, and the moneyline. There are no alternative spreads or totals, and there are also no proposition bets, and you are unable to construct same-game parlays. Bets can be placed on halves, quarters, and even segments of the game. Additionally, you are able to combine picks for round robins, parlays, and teasers while betting with Circa Sports. Additionally, it provides a large number of futures betting possibilities, including futures parlays, on a variety of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Their betting possibilities, when taken as a whole, are below average.

Assistance to Customers

Circa does not provide its users with a phone number or a live chat option for customer assistance. The only other choice you have is to send an email to the staff and then wait for a response. Circa Sports still has some work to do on this front in terms of accessibility because other online sportsbooks offer customer service over the phone or through live chat twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Circa is primarily a land-based sportsbook operator, and if you need assistance, you may get it by going to the sportsbook counter in Las Vegas, where their personnel is known for providing exceptional hospitality.

Experience Betting on Sports Online and on Mobile Devices

In the states of Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa, the Circa Sports app is available for online sports betting. If you have an iOS device, you can get it from the App Store and download it on your computer. Because it is not currently offered on Google Play, users of Android devices will need to go to in order to directly download it.

The reviews left by customers on the app App Store for this application have been generally negative, with users giving it an average rating of 2.2 out of 5. The most often encountered problems include problems with the location service, crashes, sites that load slowly, and withdrawal problems.

A foundational online wagering infrastructure has been supplied to Circa Sports by IGT. Since it does not include a large number of leagues or events, navigating the sports betting website and app is a simple and quick process. Because of this, all major sports are included in its coverage. The absence of promos also contributes to the uncluttered nature of the shopping experience. Although there is no search function, you should have no trouble finding the games you want to play. It is easy to use, and all you need to do is fill out a basic bet sheet.

It is important to keep in mind that Circa Sports is extremely new to the world of online sports betting; nonetheless, in this day and age, a company that does not have a strong online presence is not going to be able to compete successfully.

Live Betting

On the Circa Sports website, there is a section for live betting; however, because to the restricted secondary markets, this part is frequently unoccupied. Circa has formed a partnership with DeckPrism Sports to offer live betting lines in the state of Colorado. DeckPrism covers the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Hockey League (NHL), and NCAA basketball. Because to the high expense of licensing, Nevada was left out of the arrangement. The overall quality of their live betting alternatives is below average, and they do not provide any live streaming possibilities.

Alternative Methods of Gambling

Circa does not yet provide an online gambling platform. The firm does have a large amount of expertise operating land-based casinos in Las Vegas, and it already has a partnership with iGaming giant IGT, so it may in the future build a successful online casino. It does not provide daily fantasy sports or a racebook.


The Circa Sportsbook is like a sword with two edges. In spite of providing a platform for online play that is significantly inferior to the industry standard, it has a stellar reputation among players who are searching for an unforgettable live experience. It is well-known for its honest odds, its high betting limits, and the fact that it does not restrict successful players.

They have cultivated an extremely devoted following of high rollers and locals who know all the best spots in Vegas. The proprietor, Derek Stevens, conceived of a plan that artfully combines the glitz and glamour of contemporary Vegas with the warmth and friendliness of bygone Las Vegas. The in-person experience that can be had here is unparalleled and is enjoyable for everyone.

However, in an industry in which having a strong online presence is essential to success, Circa Sportsbook falls short of expectations. One explanation for this is because we are a relatively little player in the overall game. Circa receives a restricted amount of exposure because it is only presented in three states. It places even more restrictions on itself by restricting participation in its promotional competitions to bettors who may sign up in person at one of its Las Vegas locations.

The unpleasant conundrum here is that Circa is acting in a manner that should be expected by all large bookmakers. While large bookies like DraftKings and FanDuel place restrictions on your actions at every step, this site is open to high-stakes gamblers who are searching for unrestricted opportunities. Both DK and FD have amassed a fortune as a result of preying on naive players and separating sharps from weaker opponents. Every single cent is appreciated by Circa.

The issue with Circa is that, rather than finding a solution that satisfies everyone involved, it is taking extreme measures in the form of revenge. In general, they provide advantageous odds that are open to anybody who wants to take advantage of them, but they lack the ease, flare, and accessibility of their competitors. It also greatly depends on the expertise it has gained in person in order to reinforce its reputation in the online world.

It is still a relatively new operator with a significant amount of promise. In order for the Circa Sports app and website to remain competitive with the most well-known online sportsbooks in the business, considerable updates are required. The business model could also consider developing promotional offerings that appeal to casual gamblers in order to maximize its potential customer base. This would be a step in the right way because it offered additional payment choices, a more broad sports betting selection, and more diversified betting limits. However, at this time, Circa is either a below-average or average sportsbook choice for the typical bettor, depending on how you look at it.


Circa Sports was established in 2019 by Derek Stevens, an avid bettor who is enthusiastic about sports. On Fremont Street, in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Stevens has three separate properties under his ownership. In 2008, he acquired ownership of the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, and in 2011, he bought Fitzgeralds, which was then rebranded as The D Las Vegas. In June of 2019, Stevens presented his first sportsbook to the public at the Golden Gate. On the very first day of trading, there was no vig applied on the operation. Towards the end of same month, the second retail Circa Sports location opened for business at The D.

The Circa Resort & Casino opens its doors to the business in the year 2020.

The neighborhood’s first resort casino to be constructed from the ground up in over four decades was called Circa. It was also the first resort in Las Vegas that catered exclusively to adults. The self-proclaimed world’s largest sportsbook is located in Las Vegas, and it is powered by The Vegas Stats and Information Network. It has a viewing capacity of 1,000 people, and private boxes are available for group bookings. It has a six-pool rooftop swimming stadium for competitive swimming. The three storeys of splendor stadium-style sportsbook is equipped with a high-definition screen that has 78 million pixels.

In the year 2020, Circa expanded into the online sports betting market. IGT, which has its headquarters in London and is well known for its extensive collection of slot machines, is the business that powers both the Circa Sports mobile app and the online sports betting site. Stevens stated that IGT is the appropriate partner for their company’s growth of sports betting. “The IGT PlaySports technology continues to demonstrate its capability to support world-class sports betting businesses across the United States, and I am certain that it will help us to immediately differentiate Circa Sports in Colorado and beyond.” Circa Sports offers its online betting platform for a variety of sports in the states of Colorado, Nevada, and Iowa.


Currency that is Accepted

  • USD

Various Ways to Make a Deposit

  • Play+
  • Bank Transfer
  • eCheck

At Circa Sports, the possibilities for making deposits are quite restricted. In the state of Colorado, your only choice is to purchase a Play+ card. You may either visit the sportsbook counter in Las Vegas and pay with cash, chips, a cashier’s check, or a wire transfer in the state of Nevada, or you can sign up for a Play+ card online. New members in Nevada are required to make a minimum deposit of $50, while existing customers can make deposits beginning at $20. The competitor online sports betting companies all have a minimum deposit requirement of ten dollars, which is the same as the one in Colorado.

Methods of Withdrawal

  • Play+
  • eCheck

Play+ is the only withdrawal method available to you in Colorado. After that, you may visit any automated teller machine (ATM) that acknowledges Discover cards in order to withdraw cash using your Circa Sports Play+ card. You also have the option of transferring monies to your bank account or using your Play+ card at certain shops to make purchases. In Nevada, you have the option of collecting your winnings at the casino cage, through Play+, or by requesting a check to be mailed to you.

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