UFC Betting Sites 2022

Ufc Betting Sites 2022

We explain down how veterans of the sport as well as people who are new to MMA may bet on UFC fights.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is widely regarded as the most successful mixed martial arts company in the world. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) provides lots of possibilities for fans to bet on the sport. Not only does each event have twelve or more fights, but there are also a variety of ways to bet on each fight. Because of this, it will be much simpler for you to become a good bettor if you first educate yourself on the foundations of UFC betting as well as the sport itself. The following is an in-depth overview of how to bet on UFC fights, including everything you need to know to get started as well as how to place your bets.

Best UFC Betting Sites at DontBetTheFarm 2022

  1. BetOnline
  2. XBet
  3. Bovada
  4. MyBookie
  5. Betway

Best Online Sportsbooks for bet on the UFC

Are you interested in finding the best sportsbook to bet bets on UFC? You couldn’t have found a better destination! In order to provide you this information, we evaluated the top US sportsbooks from the perspective of a UFC bettor.

  1. The best betting site for UFC events overall
  2. The top mobile sportsbook for betting on UFC bouts
  3. The online sportsbook that offers the best odds on UFC fights
  4. The best bonus offered by a UFC betting site
  5. The online sportsbook that offers the best betting specials and props for UFC events

Bovada is the best sportsbook that we recommend for UFC

Because they perform every aspect of their company at such a high level, Bovada is extremely difficult to compete with in the industry of sports betting. Because of this, we believe that Bovada is the best overall sportsbook for betting on UFC events in the year 2022.

The layout of the website is uncomplicated and straightforward, with no unnecessary bells and whistles to divert your attention. When making their initial deposit at Bovada using Bitcoin, new players are eligible for an incredible $4,500 in welcome bonuses that may be used throughout the sportsbook, casino, horse racing book, and poker room.

Even while Bovada’s UFC lines aren’t the most generous anywhere, they still manage to be among the most competitive.

For fights that have not been scheduled but could happen in the future, like as the one between Kamaru Usman and Conor McGregor in 2022 (Usman is a significant favorite with odds of -700, while McGregor’s odds are +450), futures betting is one of our favorite types of wagering. If you wagered money on the Usman vs. McGregor fight, your money will be reimbursed until the fight takes place in the year 2022.

BetOnline is now the leading mobile sportsbook when it comes to UFC betting

We are head over heels in love with BetOnline‘s mobile design, and making our decision to declare BetOnline the best mobile sportsbook in 2022 was simple. The green lines stand out against the white backdrop, and everything is situated in the appropriate location. In the default view, you will see a menu on the bottom with shortcuts to the Cashier, Sports, Live Betting, and Casino, as well as a smaller menu that provides access to the Racebook, Poker, Esports, Contests, Promos, and Login/Logout. It is straightforward, yet everything is there at all times and in the appropriate time (again).

They provide a large number of prospective fights with a deadline, like as a potential fight between Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier, which must take place by August 1 or you will receive a refund of your purchase price. Poirier would be a prohibitive favorite to win that fight, with odds of -400, while Diaz would have odds of +300.

BetOnline‘s mobile website is a delight to browse, and if you’re looking for a sportsbook that will allow you to bet bets on UFC events using your mobile device, you won’t find a better alternative than BetOnline.

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MyBookie provides the best betting lines for UFC events

Always do some research before placing a bet on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), as this will help you locate the betting odds that provide the best time. It’s possible that Bovada may have the best odds for one event and one fighter, while BetOnline will have the best odds for another event and another fighter.

However, in types of the variety of bets that can be placed on UFC events, MyBookie outperforms both Bovada and BetOnline. MyBookie displays both the money line and the over/under for UFC betting, but Bovada and BetOnline only display the money line as the default option. This is perfect for us.

MyBookie and Bovada frequently provide the same odds and betting lines for upcoming fights.

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XBet is the best new betting site for UFC fights

Compared to our Top-3 UFC betting sites, XBet is a relatively new UFC sports betting site; yet, they are operating like a seasoned veteran inside the cage.

As can be seen, their lines are a little bit more cautious when compared to the TOP-3 UFC betting sites; nevertheless, the XBet sports betting bonus can help bridge the gap between the two types of odds. You may check more about Xbet and their bonus in our XBet Review by clicking the Review button that is located on the table that is located at the very top of this page.

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Try GTBets for betting on the UFC

When it comes to UFC betting, GTBets knows how to unleash a one-two punch that will end the match. They display the moneylines and totals for each of the UFC Main Events for you to view. We are big fans of the straightforward design, which is something that several of GTBets’s rivals might learn from.

The generator for the Parlay bet is quite easy to understand, and GTBets does an excellent job of displaying to players the total amount of their current bets, the amount that they are betting, and the amount that might be won if the bet is successful.

When it comes to the betting lines for UFC events, GTBets offers pretty much the same options as its rivals. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to check their lines and compare them to the UFC betting lines offered by Bovada and the UFC odds offered by BetOnline.

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UFC Betting Strategy

It is essential to have a working knowledge of how to bet on UFC fights before you get started. Because you will only have the opportunity to bet on mixed martial arts (MMA) fights roughly once per month, you should get yourself ready to make the best possible bets in the UFC. So how do you get started with UFC betting in the first place?

Learning the many types of bets that can be placed on UFC events should serve as the first step on your path to profitable UFC betting. You can put in a lot of preparation and know exactly how to bet on UFC, but if you don’t choose a reputable betting site or bet type, your mixed martial arts betting strategy will not be successful.

How to Make Sense of the UFC Odds

Before you make the decision to bet on UFC fights, it is imperative that you be familiar with how to read and interpret UFC odds; however, once you see them in action, this will become second nature to you. In the same manner as the majority of major sports, the favorite in betting is denoted by the lower figure, which is frequently a minus sign (-), and the underdog is represented by the higher figure, which is typically a positive sign (+). These American odds can also be expressed as fractional odds or decimal odds, but in the end, all of these different representations serve the same purpose.

An illustration of how the odds compare a favorite to an underdog in a UFC fight

In the picture that you can see above, the oddsmaker has the favorite listed as -150, while the underdog is shown as +180. That indicates that a bettor would need to put a wager equal to $150 on Fighter A in order to win $100 on the favorite, whereas the same bettor would only need to place a wager equal to $100 on Fighter B in order to win $180 on the underdog.

An Explanation of UFC Betting

Since you are now familiar with how to read UFC odds, you are certainly curious about the many types of bets that can be placed on UFC fights. One may draw parallels between betting on boxing and betting on other combat sports like MMA and boxing. The moneyline for the main event of large UFC events is normally made available many months in advance, although the props, such as round betting and mode of victory, are typically made available no more than a week or two before the event.

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Different types of Bets

There are three primary types of bets that may be placed in the UFC. These are also known as UFC betting markets and contain the moneyline, round betting, and manner of victory bets. The following is an explanation of each type of bet that may be placed on a fighter in the UFC:

  1. The moneyline for the UFC

When you place a wager on a UFC fight using the moneyline, you choose the fighter you think will win out on top. The odds of each fighter winning are determined by the bookmaker, who labels one of the competitors as the favorite and the other as the underdog. The term “pick ’em” refers to situations in which the odds of winning are equal for two competitors who are comparable to one another.

  • UFC Round Betting

In this type of bet, the bookmaker establishes a UFC line on how long the fight will go, and the bettor chooses whether they believe the contest will last longer or shorter than the line indicates. If there is an over/under of 1.5 rounds and the odds are -200 on the under and +275 on the over, this indicates that the bettor would need to place a wager of $200 in order to win $100 on the fight lasting fewer than 1.5 rounds, or they would need to place a wager of $100 in order to win $275 on the fight lasting more than 1.5 rounds.

  • The UFC’s Formula for Victory

The bookmaker determines the odds for this type of bet, which is placed on the outcome of the fight. It is possible for a fight to conclude in a tie, a decision (split, unanimous, or majority), a knockout or technical knockout, or a submission. Bettors can also wager on whether or not a particular round will be reached in a fight. The structure of these types of wagers is identical to that of moneylines and round bets. The following are several different approaches of calculating the odds of winning a UFC fight.

Betting Strategy for the Next UFC Fight

Now that you understand how the odds for UFC fights are calculated, let’s talk about some other elements that might aid our overall betting strategy for UFC bouts. In rematches held by the UFC, the contest of the first fight typically prevails in the second fight around 68 percent of the time. In 19 of the 28 title fights that were immediately followed by another battle, the champion from the first fight also prevailed in the second fight.

Odds of a Rematch

In rematches, the odds are almost never as favorable as they were for the first fight that was ever fought. For instance, in the first matchup between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, Jones was a -1000 favorite to win the fight, while Gustafsson was an underdog and had +485 odds to win. In the rematch, Jones was a -340 favorite over Gustafsson, who was receiving +125 odds.

Time Between Fights

When considering rematches, it is essential to take into consideration the amount of time that has passed since the last bout and how the combatants’ skills have either improved or deteriorated during that span. As an illustration, the very first fight between Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway took time in February of 2012. At the time, Holloway had just four professional fights under his belt and was making his debut in the UFC. Poirier was a -714 favorite to win the fight against Holloway, who was the underdog with a +325 odds. That fight was won via submission in the first round by Poirier.

April 2019 was the most recent time that Poirier and Holloway competed against one another. At the time of that fight, Holloway was undefeated and the featherweight champion. He had also won his previous 13 bouts in succession. In that rematch, Holloway was pegged as a -256 favorite to defeat Poirier, who was pegged as an underdog with odds of +165. In the rematch, Poirier was victorious by unanimous decision.

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Opening UFC Odds

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the betting odds for matches involving high-profile participants are typically made available not long after the fights have been declared official. Early on during fight week, the complete betting lines for an entire UFC event are made available to the public. In Las Vegas, odds are often withheld until an upcoming fight has been formally certified. This is done to prevent early money from being wagered on a line that was improperly established, which would result in a loss of earnings.


When you bet early, you increase your chances of profiting from potential errors in the odds that are being offered at that time. In the event that bookies do not have comprehensive information on a particular fighter, the odds may work in favor of the bettor. An additional benefit is that the odds can be favorable before the action begins to come in on the other contestants.


Early wagering has a number of potential drawbacks, including the risk that a fighter will sustain an injury, the possibility that the weight cut will not go well, the possibility that the market will cause the odds to improve, and the absence of complete information regarding game plans and opponent pairings.

Bets on Parlays for the UFC

When you mix bets on many fights in order to increase the total payoff, this type of wager is known as a parlay bet. When it comes to betting on UFC fights, a parlay bet will result in a bigger return than other types of bets. The fight that comes with placing a bet on a parlay is that if even one of the fights you pick turns out to be incorrect, you will lose your whole stake. In 2015, a bettor made a $1 bet into $48,921 by going with nine underdogs on a card, making it one of the most famous parlays in the history of UFC betting.

Finding strong favorites that you are pretty certain will win and then balancing them out with a couple of fights where you feel the underdog is a safe bet is one of the best methods to parlay a bet on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A payout of $900 would result from a four-fight parlay in which the bettor placed a $100 wager on an underdog with odds of +150, an underdog with odds of +200, a favorite with odds of +500, and a favorite with odds of +600. The total reward for those fights would be $386.67 if you bet on each one separately.

When engaging in a parlay, it is in your best interest to conduct extensive research on the event in question and to choose only those fights about which you feel an overwhelming sense of assurance. If you reduce the number of possible outcomes in your parlay, you will increase the likelihood of successfully predicting one of the outcomes.

Advice on Betting on the UFC

In addition to providing you with an explanation of the UFC betting odds, we have also compiled for you the following UFC betting recommendations. You will be able to put all you’ve learned about MMA betting and odds into practice with the aid of these. Because of how drastically different MMA is from other major sports, betting advice for UFC events is very vital. These are one-time events, and the criteria for victory are somewhat different each time.

Research the UFC Competitors Before Placing Bets On Them

Before placing a bet on a UFC fight, it is vital to perform some research first, regardless of how much expertise you have as a bettor. This will help you stay one step ahead of the competition. Before placing a bet, even the most seasoned UFC bettors will have a solid understanding of the primary strengths and weaknesses of each fighter. It is said that “styles make fights,” and this adage has never been more accurate than it is in the UFC; every fighter has a vulnerability that may be uncovered by the appropriate adversary.

Take a look at the More Than the Record article

It is necessary to be familiar with a fighter’s record, but it is even more critical to take into account the level of opposition they have faced. A fighter may have a perfect record of 10-0, but if all of their previous opponents have had losing records or are not well-known, it is difficult to give that fighter an advantage over an opponent who may have a less favorable record overall but has competed against a number of formidable opponents.

Pay Attention to Both Your Strengths and Weaknesses

When analyzing a matchup in the UFC, it is essential to take into account both the strong and weak points of each fighter. Although certain skills have the potential to be unrivaled, others are vulnerable to being defeated by other MMA specializations. A rundown of the many disciplines in which former UFC champions have excelled may be seen in the chart that follows.

UFC Athletes Who Are Completely Developed

In the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Daniel Cormier is a fantastic illustration of what it takes to be a well-rounded fighter. Cormier possesses a fantastic wrestling technique, tremendous cardio, a heavy top game when on the ground, exceptional takedown defense, solid submissions, decent ground-and-pound, and excellent clinching. In addition, he has a good ground-and-pound game and excellent clinching. Cormier has a greater number of avenues via which he may attack as well as protect himself, which provides him an inherent advantage over his opponent throughout a fight.

Both Positive and Negative Aspects with Regard to Specialists

Demian Maia exemplifies the contrast between having a breadth of knowledge and having a depth of expertise in a certain field. Maia is a jiu-jitsu practitioner of the highest caliber. Jiu-jitsu has become his primary focus, as opposed to his previous strategy of attempting to excel in all forms of martial arts. Maia will always be the favorite in a fighter against an opponent that has a weak defense against takedowns and a weak defense against submissions. If, on the other hand, he confronts an opponent who is skilled in both wrestling and jiu-jitsu, it is prudent to bet against Maia winning the match.

Wrestling Trumps All

Wrestling is frequently cited as the sport that provides the most solid foundation for a UFC fighter. If that were not accurate, then it has become a tired cliché. The majority of UFC champions begin their skills in the sport of wrestling and build their skill sets around that discipline. It would not be unreasonable to give the advantage to the wrestler if everything else were the same save for their wrestling skills. Wrestling-based fighters have produced 17 Champions during the late 1990s, followed by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters with 17 Champions and boxing fighters with 12 Champions.

Taking the Southpaw or the Orthodox Stance

It is imperative that you give thought to your fighting position if the combatants are predominantly strikers or if you believe that they will keep the fight standing for extended periods of time. A fighter is said to be in a southpaw stance when their right foot is ahead and their left foot is back, in contrast to an orthodox stance, which has the fighter’s left foot forward and their right foot back. In most cases, the fighter will throw their strongest hand back in order to gain additional momentum with each strike they land.

A southpaw posture (fighter who uses their left hand) typically has an advantage over an orthodox stance (fighter who uses their right hand). The explanation for this may be found in basic mathematics. Since left-handed fighters are less common, the majority of combat athletes train against and with right-handed opponents.

Additional Things to Think About Before Placing Bets on UFC

Always have an advantage over casual bettors by following the sport that you’re betting on like a die-hard fan. It is essential to remember, in order to have a profitable strategy for betting on UFC events, that it needs a variety of different considerations to come up with the best choices. Acquiring knowledge is the key to making money.

Weight Cut

Keep an eye on the weigh-ins. It is never a good indicator for a fighter to have had a significant weight loss or to appear particularly exhausted on the scale. It’s possible for a fighter’s strength, cardio, and mental clarity to suffer if their weight cut doesn’t go as planned.

The Tempo and the Outcome

Be aware of the speed at which the competitors compete. In a fighter when one participant is largely an attacker and the other is a counter striker, the judges could award more points to the attacker since they are getting more work done.


Maintain vigilance with regard to injury reporting. Take note of a fighter who has a substantial disadvantage or who is just now getting back into the octagon after recovering from an injury.

Transportation and Positioning

Another important aspect to take into account is the setting of the fight card. It is something that needs to be taken into consideration if a fighter is traveling a significant distance and does not give oneself enough time to adjust to the local environment, including the food and the elevation. Fabricio Werdum’s notable experience in this regard happened in 2015, when he set up camp in Mexico City for several months in advance of his matchup with heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, who arrived in Mexico City just before the fight night. Velasquez’s cardio couldn’t handle the change in altitude, and he ended up tapping out to Werdum in the third round, which resulted in the loss of his title.

Betting on the UFC: A Look at Live Betting and the UFC

It’s a ton of fun to place live bets on UFC fights as they happen. Because of the relative rarity of these competitions in comparison to those in other sports, it is in your best interest to capitalize on each fight’s unique betting prospects. Live betting provides just this kind of possibility for you to take advantage of.

There is a plethora of incentive to bet live bets on mixed martial arts fights. One benefit is that it amps up the intensity of the thrill even further. As the fight goes on, the odds may suddenly shift in a very dramatic way. This indicates that enticing discounts might arise and vanish in a couple of minutes at any given time. As you struggle to make the best UFC bets, you’ll definitely feel a rush of adrenaline.

Plus, you get greater betting diversity. During the course of the game, the odds for each of the markets that are open for live betting will fluctuate. You are not required to merely receive whatever is presented to you when sitting in a receptive posture. Because there will be more alternatives available to you as the match progresses, you will have the ability to use greater discretion.

Getting Started: Figuring Out Which Sportsbook Is Best For You

Due to the large number of bets that can be placed on each fight and fight card, betting on UFC fights may at first appear to be an overwhelming endeavor. However, once you get the hang of the sport and learn what to look for when conducting your research, betting on UFC fights can become an enjoyable and potentially lucrative endeavor.

Since it is equally as vital to know how to find the correct sportsbook for your UFC betting requirements prior to placing a wager, and since we have you covered, now that you know how to bet on UFC fights online, you can rest certain that we have you covered. In the immortal words of Bruce Buffer, “The Time Has Come”!

UFC Betting FAQ

When investigating UFC betting, bettors like you likely have a number of questions. Here are the answers to those questions.

Is placing bets on UFC fights allowed by the law?

Yes, placing bets on UFC events through the website is perfectly legal in virtually every state in the US.

Where can I bet bets on UFC and MMA events?

You are welcome to utilize any of the MMA online betting sites that have been evaluated and come highly recommended on our website.

What are the best bets you can make on the UFC?

The fights that provide the most excitement for fans also tend to be the best bets in the UFC. It is beneficial to think of gambling on UFC events as a type of entertainment. In any event, the best bets to make when you lack certainty are safe bets.

Are there any bets on the UFC prelims?

Absolutely! Bets that do not deal directly with the outcome of the match are referred to as proposition bets. Some of the things that may be predicted in UFC fights include which fighter will throw more jabs, who will score the first hit, and who will get the first takedown.

How do UFC over/under bets work?

Over/under bets are often known as round bets when used to fight wagering. This is due to the fact that you are placing a wager on the round you believe the match will conclude in.

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