22Bet Review

22Bet Review

22BET Pros & Cons

  • Betting Odds That Are Both Competitive And Improved
  • Outstanding Promotions
  • Support for Customers Around the Clock
  • Occasional Concerns Regarding the Withdrawal Process

Notes for the 22BET Exam

22BET is considered to be a relative newbie in the sector, having just made their debut in the marketplace a short number of years ago. Despite this, it has rapidly expanded both its user base and its footing in countries all over the world.

In its country of origin, Canada, the practice is not only permissible but actively encouraged. In other parts of the world, 22BET is particularly well-known across most of Europe, particularly in Germany and the United Kingdom. 22BET has also expanded its operations to countries in Africa and Australia.

To participate in gambling activities on 22BET, players must be at least 18 years old.

22BET is our number one suggestion for players located outside of the United States of America since it is available in more than 30 languages. Their comprehensive payment choices include various cryptocurrencies (both for deposits and withdrawals), and their customer care personnel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be reached with a single click or a phone call. In addition, given that we are in the business of wagering on sporting events, it is useful to be aware that they cover thousands of events on a daily basis and offer odds that are among the most competitive available. 22BET excels in every aspect, and as a result, our team has a lot of faith in it.

There is a constant influx of brand-new online betting sites, but very few of them survive. The 22BET is one of those remarkable expectations. The site has only been around since 2017, but it has already made a splash in the industry with to its many player-friendly features. These include a nice-looking design, a multitude of payment choices, live sports feeds, and one promo after another. During the course of this 22BET review that doesn’t pull any punches, we’ll talk about each of those and a lot more too!

22BET Bonuses

As a welcome bonus, 22Bet provides new players with the opportunity to get up to $122 (or the equivalent in their local currency).

22BET is always running a variety of different promotions across all of its gaming platforms. One of the things that the website excels at is providing a diverse bonus of betting bonuses. The following is what you should anticipate finding:

Bonus for Signing Up

It should come as no surprise that first-time customers of 22BET have the opportunity to gain free play upon registration. There are, however, separate packages available for betting on sports and casino in casinos.

22BET’s sportsbook provides new customers with a match bonus equal to one hundred percent of their initial deposit on the platform. It is impossible to make a mistake with a dollar-for-dollar match, especially considering how many of your rivals only provide a fifty percent match.

There is a catch, though, and that is the fact that the welcome bonus for sports is set at $122. (or the equivalent in their local currency). In comparison to the standards of the sector, which may run into the hundreds of dollars, that is actually a very low sum of money.

A piece of advise would be to immediately bet any bonus money that you have earned. This is due to the fact that the award is only valid for seven days after it has been earned. In addition, 22BET does not permit the withdrawal of cash from client accounts until the bonus sum has either been used up or run its course.

The first-time bonus that 22BET offers within its casino is quite similar to the one that it offers within its sportsbook, with one important exception. Once more, the site will double a player’s deposit at a rate of one hundred percent in both cases. However, the maximum prize has been increased in this circumstance to a value of $450 (or the equivalent currency).

Look, we hate to be the ones to complain about free money since, after all, some free play is almost always preferable than none at all. Despite this, we can’t help but get the impression that 22BET is being miserly with its two offers. Regarding this topic, there are unquestionably other areas in which players may get greater value for their money.

Bonus for Reloading:

Do not even for a second believe that 22BET has forgotten about its dedicated players. However, even repeat bettors have the opportunity to participate in free play at the betting site.

Players who reload their accounts on a certain day are eligible for a bonus that is distributed by 22BET every Friday. The site will match reloads at a rate of one hundred percent up to one hundred fifty dollars. It is important to note that this only applies to Fridays; subscription renewals made on any other day will not be eligible for the discount.

Sadly, each bonus that is gained must to have at least one wager placed on it within the first twenty-four hours of it being credited, or else it will be nullified. This incredibly quick turnaround actually brings down the overall quality of the offering that is being offered.

Weekly Rebate:

Rebates on whole sportsbooks are not nearly as frequent, despite the fact that horse betting rebates are widespread across the industry. 22BET is one of the few bookies who provide this option for its customers.

Players at 22BET will get a weekly rebate of 0.3 percent on ANY and ALL bets placed in the sportsbook, regardless of whether or not such wagers were successful. This rebate is accounted for wagers that were placed between Monday and Sunday of the given week, and it is paid out on Tuesdays.

The highest possible rebate that may be received is $1500 (or comparable currency), which is not a trivial amount, especially when compared to the other promotions that 22BET offers. Theoretically, with a rebate structure like this one, players at 22Bet are compensated for their participation. This characteristic is clearly a game-changer, particularly over the course of the entire purchase.

Birthday Bonus

Whoever suggested that people over a certain age shouldn’t get birthday presents is wrong. Not 22BET at all, that much is certain! Players will receive 500 bonus points to use in the 22BET shop on the site on their special day. These points may be exchanged for free casino spins, free bets, and a variety of other delights that can be found within the store.

Make sure that you have the option to receive email alerts turned on before we begin. When it is time for your birthday, 22BET will send the promo to you through email.

Latest Updates and News from 22BET

  • There is currently a wide variety of NBA betting odds available at 22bet, despite the fact that the NBA Finals do not begin until a few days from now. When it comes to lines and odds, 22Bet’s players have a wide variety of options to choose from.
  • Crypto gambling is available through the 22BET sportsbook. What exactly does this entail? Now, bettors may not only make deposits using Bitcoin, but they can also withdraw their profits and use Bitcoin to make deposits!

Banking at 22BET

You can fund your 22BET account with cryptocurrencies, bank cards, or electronic wallets, and the company guarantees that you will always have access to the money you have there.

  • Minimum Deposit: $1
  • Accepted forms of payment include crypto, e-wallets, bank transfers, and credit cards.
  • The Canadian dollar, the British pound, and the euro are the currencies that may be used.

When it comes to the variety of payment methods offered, there is no doubt that 22BET is the front-runner in the business. When it comes to the number of pure alternatives offered, 22Bet is second to none. The offering that 22Bet provides is absolutely remarkable, and the following are the wager types that are acceptable:


By a wide margin, Crypto offers the most deposit alternatives readily available on-site. Total in all, 22BET offers 26 distinct digital currencies. This includes both well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as well as less well-known cryptocurrencies such as Eos, STRATIS, and Tether.

An electronic wallet comes in second place as the approach with the second-most support (e-wallet). In this section, 22BET gives players eight different alternatives to pick from. This includes Epay, Jeton, and Skrill, in addition to a few additional options.

However, the bettor’s usage of bank cards is likely to be the way that is employed the most frequently. Mastercard and Visa are the only credit cards, along with Crypto&Go and InteracOnline, that are accepted at 22BET.

However, this is not the end of the story. A bank transfer, a prepaid card from Paysafe, or a payment system like as Neteller are all additional methods that may be used to finance your 22BET account. At 22BET, bettors should feel comfortable choosing any one of these many possibilities.


On 22BET, you may utilize the vast majority of the deposit methods already discussed to pay out your winnings as well. A meager two dollars is required to cash out using virtually any of the available methods of payment.

There will be a difference in the amount of time required for each payout type. The quickest method is going to be crypto, which may be credited in only 15 minutes. On the other hand, the processing time for a credit card such as a Mastercard or a Visa might take up to seven days (in the worst-case scenario). When a transaction is made, 22BET provides an estimate of the expected payout timeframes.

The best part, though, is that there is not the slightest bit of a service charge associated with payments. At least according to 22BET, there are none. It is entirely beyond of 22BET’s control for a foreign transaction charge to be assessed, but it is possible that your particular bank or bank card will do so nonetheless.

The Features of a Sportsbook

While sports betting is undeniably 22BET’s primary business, the company also operates a casino, which should not be ignored. Because it has a casino, 22BET is truly an all-in-one betting center for players that participate in online wagering.

To begin, 22BET operates both a live and a virtual casino on its website. There are hundreds of games available for players to choose from between the two options. Bettors receive a lot of bang for their buck at the 22BET casino because to the massive selection of games available there.

At 22BET, slot machines account for the vast majority of the gaming options available in the casino. In point of fact, it feels as though a brand-new slot is being added on a regular basis. The game selection is rounded up by traditional table and card games like as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and a few more.

In addition, it is not difficult to uncover special promotions once you are inside the 22BET casino. A “game of the day” is selected by the site each and every single day. In addition, the game of your choice provides you with gratuitous turn-overs. That’s just one illustration, but 22BET is known for handing out casino-exclusive bonuses like they’re candy.

22BET Site Experience

  • Betting Interface that is easy to use and gets right to the point
  • Mobile Betting: Yes
  • Betting App: Yes
  • Live betting on sports is available, yes
  • Live Streaming, This Is Possible!

22BET asserts that it broadcasts more than 30,000 matches on its site every single month. Despite the fact that we find that number to be inflated, the sportsbook feels a large number of live streams to choose from. 22Bet is distinguished from many of its rivals, the most of which do not provide any form of live watching, by its ability to stream in real time.

Naturally, live wagering, commonly known as “in-play” betting, is also an option. The live menu that 22BET provides is rather great, as it covers a vast array of games from a variety of sports, leagues, and nations. According to our observations, the live betting system performed faultlessly, automatically updating the lines at a rate that allowed players to “lock in” their wagers.

It seems to me that 22BET is particularly strong in the technological domain. In addition to that, users of mobile devices running either iOS or Android can download an app from this site to utilize. There is a workaround to install the software on your phone, which 22BET explains in detail on its site. The stand-alone app is not immediately available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

It is not difficult to acquire the hang of its regular site as a whole while looking at it in its entirety. The user interface is pleasing to the eye because to its design, which is teal in color. In addition to that, it works by common sense. It is not difficult to locate a bet opportunity or to place one. The menu of 22BET is set up in such a way that it properly arranges its bet options.

Overall, using 22BET is a breeze because to the user-friendly interface. That is true for gambling done on a desktop computer as well as on a mobile device.

Assistance to Customers

  • We are available around the clock.
  • Phone: Not available
  • Real-time conversation? Definitely!
  • Email: support-en@22bet.com
  • Language: English

To get things started, 22BET does, in fact, keep a Frequently Asked Questions area. You may discover answers to frequently asked questions there, including how to place a bet, register for an account, configure your bets, and a few more topics. On the other hand, the FAQ does not have enough information to cover everything. When dealing with more significant problems, you should probably get in touch with customer support.

You have the option of submitting a ticket, writing an email, or engaging in live chat to accomplish this. Each of the three methods yielded a prompt response from our end.

Regulatory Authority for Licenses

  • Geographical position: Curacao
  • 2017 is the year the company was founded.

Conclusion of Don’tBetTheFarm.com

In spite of a few glitches with deposits, 22BET is a legitimate sportsbook. In fact, we didn’t find too many things to complain about when using this sportsbook. The specialists working here at DontBetTheFarm strongly suggest that you look into this sportsbook on your own and include it in your list of potential options if you want to find the best possible odds for the games you like to watch.

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