NHL Hockey Betting Sites 2022

Nhl Hockey Betting Sites

Learn the fundamentals of betting on NHL games, including money lines, spreads, and totals.

In spite of the fact that it is played on ice, the National Hockey League (NHL) season extends from the cool month of October all the way through the warm month of June, when the Stanley Cup is presented. There are a number of different methods to get started betting on NHL hockey, and the betting lines for NHL games are often available the night before the auction begins. Even if it is considered to be the red-headed stepchild of the other three major professional sports leagues in North America, it does not imply that one cannot win a significant amount of money by betting on it. Even if there is no one in the stands to witness a boring game between Arizona and Florida, you can still make it entertaining by putting a bet on the outcome of the game.

Best NHL Betting Sites at DontBetTheFarm

  1. Betfred
  2. SugarHouse
  3. FOX Bet
  4. BetRivers
  5. Bally Bet

The Best Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the NHL

The season of the NHL is rather lengthy. In most years, it lasts from October all the way through June, which amounts to a full eight months of hockey. If you want to make money off of all the betting action, you’re going to need a trustworthy sportsbook that can keep up with you during the whole season. Which of these will serve the purpose most best, then? The word “best” serves as the focus of the previous phrase. Okay, so we have what we believe to be a very solid hypothesis. Following are the NHL sportsbooks that, in our opinion, represent the “best of the best” in terms of a variety of criteria. Let’s hop right into our list:

Bovada Is the Best Betting Site for NHL Games

Although it’s not quite accurate, we like to think of Bovada as the “Canadiens” of the online betting world. Bettors on ice hockey are aware that the Montreal Canadiens hold the record for the most Stanley Cups in the history of the league (24). In a similar vein, it’s possible that Bovada is the offshore gambling industry’s most successful sportsbook. Bovada, on the other hand, has just recently achieved success, in contrast to Montreal, which hasn’t been champion in almost three decades. Since it first opened its doors in 2011, Bovada has grown to become the premier location for placing wagers on sports of all kinds, including hockey.

Let’s narrow our attention, though, to the bet options that are available on NHL games for the time being. Believe us when we say that it’s big, and by massive, we mean massive, in Bovada. Prop bets and futures contracts may be placed on any of the 32 National Hockey League teams that Bovada will be covering, in addition to the normal betting options such as moneylines and over/unders. There will be very few opportunities to wager on the National Hockey League at Bovada.

Your money is going to be safe and secure at Bovada, which is another important aspect of this gambling site. It should come as no surprise that the reputation of the online betting business as a whole is not always the best. However, it is reasonable to assert that Bovada is not one of the “bad apples” that tarnish the reputation of the industry as a whole. Not at all; in point of fact, the reverse is true. Because it has established a solid site among bettors all over the United States over the past ten years, Bovada has become one of the most popular online betting sites.

Bovada is an excellent sportsbook that caters to bettors of all experience levels. This is due to the fact that the entirety of the betting experience can be figured out easily and is not filled with distractions. This is not the kind of website that will cause you to become frustrated and give up. It’s worth pointing out that everything operates just as it should, especially considering that this isn’t always the case in other places, as it should be.

Why DontBetTheFarm is such a big fan of Bovada:

  • Extensive betting menu
  • An intuitive and easy-to-grasp user interface
  • Reputation held in high esteem within the sector

Bet it now.

The Best NHL Betting Lines Are At BetOnline

It’s not that BetOnline has a wider variety of betting options on the NHL compared to Bovada. Not at all; in this way, they are quite comparable to one another. With either one, you receive access to the complete range of NHL bets that are made accessible across the league. BetOnline, on the other hand, stands out from the competition thanks to the competitiveness of its betting pricing. It appears that BetOnline will, the vast majority of the time, provide the lowest betting odds available on the market. That is not a trivial matter, either. Even a line that is only five points better at Bovada may make a significant impact on your profit and loss statement, especially over the course of a lengthy period of time.

Therefore, if you plan on betting on the National Hockey League (NHL) from the preseason all the way through the Stanley Cup Finals, it would be in your best interest to bet at a sportsbook that does not shortchange players with its odds. BetOnline fits that description to a tee. In this context, you are always “maximizing your value,” in a sense.

The reasons DontBetTheFarm is such a fan of BetOnline:

  • Odds that are really reasonably priced
  • A wide selection of bonus opportunities
  • Allows for a number of different forms of payment

Bet it now.

MyBookie‘s Bonuses Are Unrivaled Among Online Sportsbooks

Players can win a significant amount of free money through sign-up bonuses, in addition to having the opportunity to “try out” the site without incurring any costs of their own from the sportsbook. Both of those factors come into play rather frequently over at MyBookie.

Let’s start with the first possibility. When a customer registers for the first time on MyBookie, they are eligible for a welcome bonus of up to one thousand dollars in free play at any point throughout the year. A cool thousand dollars, which bettors are free to use anyway they see fit, whether it be on NHL bets or bets on another sport of their choosing. In no way deplorable! As for the second option, rather than spending too much of your own money, you may “test out” MyBookie by using the free play that is provided here. Having said that, if you are going to do that, it is probably best to begin with a lower deposit and not earn the maximum bonus of one thousand dollars.

MyTopSportsbooks’s Favorite Reasons to Use MyBookie:

  • One of the most generous sign-up bonuses available anywhere
  • Deep sportsbook menu beyond NHL
  • a plethora of distinct financial avenues to pursue

Bet it now.

XBet Offers the Best Possible Simulation of an NHL Game in Progress

Live betting is the current overarching trend, and this is true for the NHL as well as virtually every other sport. This is now feasible because to the widespread availability of cellphones and data. XBet is one step ahead of the game despite the fact that virtually every betting site is “doubling down” on its in-play function. This brand-new site has made real-time betting a priority from the very beginning, and it shows in how developed the function now is on the site.

You will have a difficult time finding a National Hockey League game, whether it is during the regular season or the playoffs, for which XBet does not have live betting odds. Not only that, but once you actually start placing bets, the rest of the process is really streamlined and straightforward. No lag. No mistakes. Nothing more than the highest level of in-game betting possible!

Why DontBetTheFarm is such a big fan of XBet:

  • Nifty live betting system
  • Enhanced appearance and functionality throughout the website
  • New sportsbook operator acquiring a larger portion of the market

Bet it now.

At GTBets, you may rack up rewards throughout the entirety of the NHL season

We have already said that the NHL season is one of the longest in professional sports. A one-time sign-up bonus is a wonderful perk, but it won’t stick around for long. But are you aware of what will endure? a top-notch customer loyalty program, which, by happy coincidence, is available at GTBets. Bettors who are planning to participate in the site for an extended period of time will benefit the most from the “Game Time Rewards” loyalty program.

This is due to the fact that GTBets awards you with prizes for each time you bet a wager. And it stands to reason that the more frequently you bet, particularly in terms of the total dollar amount, the more money you will win. It is possible to trade in reward points for cash back, tickets into sweepstakes, or other things of your choosing. However, there is no denying the fact that the cashback is where the value lies.

Why MyTopSportsbooks is such a big fan of GTBets:

  • Reward system of the highest caliber
  • A wide variety of player bonuses from which to choose
  • Comprehensive sportsbook offering wagering on a wide variety of sports and leagues

Bet it now.

How to Bet on Hockey Games Played in the NHL

If you want to have the best chance of winning tonight with your NHL bets, you will need to get started right away at online sportsbooks that are reputable and safe. Check any of these sites if you want to place a betting on ice hockey. It’s quite simple to sign up! After that, you can go right into determining which NHL bets offer the best betting opportunities for tonight.

Hockey betting with moneylines in the NHL

Given that hockey games are typically low scoring and close, betting possibilities are not nearly as plentiful as they are in football and basketball. This is for the same reason that betting opportunities are limited in baseball. Because of this, betting on the moneyline is the most popular option for games played in the NHL. Therefore, let’s begin with that.

Even if you’re not a major fan of hockey, you could still enjoy betting on the action in the National Hockey League (NHL), as long as you appreciate coming out on top. The distance between the best team in the league and the poorest team in the league is not that huge, which makes predicting the outcome of a hockey game notoriously difficult. This not only makes it difficult for bettors to choose winners, but it also makes it difficult for bookmakers to establish lines.

For example, sportsbooks approach hockey in the same manner as they do other sports when it comes to the concept of home-ice advantage and home-field advantage, including it into the line. But the numbers and the annals of history don’t necessarily support that, especially considering that there is far less of an advantage to playing in your own barn when it comes to hockey. It is not difficult to locate value when betting on hockey using the moneyline as long as you do your homework first.

When you place a bet on the moneyline in the National Hockey League, all you are doing is betting which game will win out on top.

To clarify, this is the Three-Way Moneyline

As an aside, the National Hockey League does not have any more ties. The majority of games, however, are decided by overtime or shootouts, and because of this, some sportsbooks provide a two-way and three-way moneyline. If a game is still tied after the first hour of play, the three-way moneyline will declare it a draw. On the other hand, the two-way moneyline will award you the win regardless of when the game is finished. Let’s keep things straightforward for the time being and stick with two-way betting.

Here’s an Example of a Moneyline:

The final moneyline for the postseason game between the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens is presented below.

There is nothing difficult about this situation. Due to the fact that they are playing at home, the Canadiens have the worst team. They are the favorite, as seen by the payout of -145, which reads “bet $145 to win $100,” while the payout of +135 for the Rangers, which reads “bet $100 to win $135,” demonstrates that the Rangers are the underdog.

Betting in the National Hockey League on the “Puck Line”

Puck line betting comes in handy on the infrequent occasions when there is a clear favorite in the National Hockey League (NHL). On those occasions, you may want to get more value than you would by betting on a short moneyline, which might only payout at -250 or so (that is, you would have to bet $250 to win $100). In circumstances like these, the spread option offered by the NHL can pique your attention. A “puck line” in National Hockey League games, sometimes known as a “Canadian line” and functioning similarly to the runline in Major League Baseball games, stipulates that the betting favorite must win by a margin of 1.5 goals in order to “cover the spread.”

Here’s an Example of a “Puck Line.”

The puck line for our sample match between the Rangers and the Canadiens is presented in the table that can be found below.

In contrast to the point spreads used in the NFL and NBA, the puck line of 1.5 goals won’t shift in the days leading up to the game. However, the payouts will fluctuate depending on which team has much more money wagered on it by bettors than the other team has. In our example, if bettors placed 75 percent of the betting money on the Canadiens in the lead-up, then the +140 payout would likely decrease to +130 or something around that number, while the payout on the Rangers would get a bit better (perhaps moving from -150 to -140). (Why? Because, as was covered in another section of this topic, sportsbooks prefer to see an equal amount of betting wagered on both teams. Altering the payouts in this manner will result in an increase in betting placed on the Rangers and a decrease in wagers placed on the Canadiens.

Teaser betting is not available in hockey since the spreads on the games are fixed and do not change. Check out our guide if you’re interested in learning more about teasers and the many different sorts of multiple bets that are.

Wagering on the Overall Score of the Game

There is an option for a game total in NHL games, and the amount is often set at around 5.5. On a game-by-game basis, there is not a great deal of variation; nevertheless, the total may go as low as 5 when two outstanding goaltenders are playing, and it can go as high as 6 when there is a battle between two offensively potent teams.

The total for our example game between the Rangers and the Canadiens would be presented as follows:

The total betting system for hockey operates exactly like it does for any other sport. People who bet on the over in the Rangers vs. Canadiens game will collect their winnings if there are six or more goals scored in that win. Bettors who chose “under” as their win won if the total number of goals scored by both teams was five or less.

It is important to keep one thing in mind, however: if a game in the NHL goes to a shootout, which is only a possibility during the regular season, only the first goal scored during the shootout will count toward the total. This is true even if many shooters score during the shootout. If the scenario described above went to a shootout tied 1-1 and all three Ranger shooters scored while only the Habs’ one shooter scored, the total would only be three because the Rangers won the game by a score of 2-1 and the shootout was meaningless.

Other NHL Bet Types

Bets on Propositions (Props) in the National Hockey League

Given the absence of individual statistics (goals, assists, and saves), bookmakers have less to work with, and thus most larger sportsbooks provide a few props on each night’s NHL game. However, these props are not as detailed as those offered for other sports. There are still going to be fascinating bets available, such as “Will Sidney Crosby score a goal?” and “Will Carey Price have a shutout?” The payouts will change depending not just on the kind of the prop, but also on who the competitor is.

You will discover game props, in addition to individual player props, such as whether the overall number of goals will be odd or even and whether or not there will be overtime in the game. Additionally, a moneyline, total, and spread should be available to bet on for the first period of each game, in addition to live betting choices for the second and third quarters of play.


When betting on National Hockey League games, parlays and round robins are always available to bettors who want to combine many games into a single bet.

Because the fundamentals as well as the particulars of those multi bets have previously been discussed in our guide, we won’t go over them again here. Bear in mind that you cannot utilize a choice from the same game for both the spread and the moneyline, and the maximum number of games that may be included in a parlay bet varies from one sportsbook to the next.

Futures wagering on National Hockey League games

The odds for winning the Stanley Cup will be posted by sportsbooks for all 31 National Hockey League teams at the beginning of the year (at the very latest), and they are typically posted earlier. The only way for teams to be removed off the board is for them to be mathematically eliminated from contention throughout the course of the season. There are also odds on who will win each conference, which is another way of saying who will go to the Stanley Cup final. In most sportsbooks, you can even see odds for the most valuable player award throughout the regular season and the playoffs.

However, unlike in the NBA, NFL, and MLB, regular-season win totals are not a typical occurrence in hockey. These totals are more common in other sports. This is partly due to the fact that ice hockey is not very well known in the United States. Another reason for this is that the number of games won during the regular season does not provide the best indication of success in the NHL. Because both 3-on-3 overtime and shootouts are seen as having an equal chance of deciding the winner of a game, the game that comes out on the losing end of each receives one point regardless of whether mode of play was used. It is possible for a team to finish with a high point total yet a low win total. Because of this, the few sportsbooks that offer season-long NHL over/unders choose to focus on total points rather than total wins for their wagers.

Advice on Betting Strategies and Tips Regarding the NHL

Having a preferred hockey team and understanding everything there is to know about that team is an important first step in the process of building an overall plan for betting on hockey. However, this is not sufficient. In point of fact, if you are obsessed with your favorite team to an unhealthy degree, it might be a hindrance. Therefore, before you place your next wager, make sure that you keep our NHL betting tips in mind.

One way to increase your odds of winning money when betting on hockey is to have in-depth knowledge of the various teams and players. Let’s go over some of the most important NHL betting trends, tactics, and techniques that can assist you in making the most profitable bets possible on hockey.

Bankroll Management for Hockey Betting

When it comes to betting on hockey, bankroll management is a whole new strategy that may be used to make fantastic bets on hockey nowadays. Simply placing a bet eliminates the need to deliberate over the bet to place, spend countless hours contrasting statistics and timetables, and stress over the latest injury reports. The amount of money that you wager constitutes your strategy in this game.

There are two primary ways to tackle this situation. You may evaluate how well you perform with various strategies or while betting on your favorite team by using the unit method, in which you constantly risk the same amount of money. This will provide you the opportunity to assess how well you do with these strategies. The other method is the percentage, in which you bet a certain percentage of the funds that you already have in your account at a hockey betting site.

You will be able to evaluate your betting abilities and make any required improvements if you choose one of these two ways to this plan for betting on hockey.

Browse the Various Lines

It is advised that you register with many NHL betting sites rather of using just one. Why shouldn’t they? The procedure of signing up for the sites that we propose is quick and easy, and as a result, you should not spend an excessive amount of time on it. You will gain the experience you need to choose which option is your favorite as a result of doing this. You may effectively follow NHL betting trends and maximize your chances of discovering value in the odds by doing line shopping. This allows you to successfully follow NHL betting trends.

In addition, you are able to compare the odds easily and fast across all of the sportsbooks in which you have accounts. Because of this, you will always be able to receive the best bargain, which will result in financial savings both immediately and over the course of money. Simply conducting some line shopping will allow you to fast optimize the payouts you receive.

Take Extra Precautions with Your All-Time Favorite

It’s fantastic to have a deep understanding of your favorite NHL team, but how you put that information to use is what really matters. It is all too simple to look at the chances of our team and perceive them through rose-colored glasses. There will be times when your team is victorious.

In point of fact, it may be beneficial to place restrictions on yourself that prevent you from betting on your preferred team. Simply said, it is impossible to maintain objectivity. If you do decide to bet on your favorite team, which is perfectly fine because we all know how much fun it can be, just make sure to keep track of how often you win. Are you willing to bet money against the team that you root for?

Live betting and the National Hockey League

There are a lot of benefits to having access to a trustworthy online hockey betting site. One of these is live betting on the NHL. The quick dissemination of statistics and the accurate computation of odds are both made easier by the internet. I am really grateful that this happened. Within the larger realm of betting, live betting represents an entirely new world.

One reason is that live betting is more engaging. You are able to observe the odds fluctuating in real time and feel the thrill of adrenaline as the clock continues to tick away. If you want to make the best bets on today’s hockey games, you have to move quickly since the odds are always changing.

In addition to that, it is a fantastic educational opportunity. You will have a better understanding of how hockey odds work after you are able to observe the ways in which particular statistics, goals, or occurrences in the game have an impact on the markets. You will effectively be given an explanation of hockey odds, but on a more in-depth level using this method.

Additionally, the benefit of betting on live hockey is that you will have more selections for each market that is open to you. Because the odds shift frequently over the course of the game, you are not required to blindly adhere to what you observe. You are able to stay hidden while waiting for the right moment to ambush your target.

Almost every conceivable kind of hockey bet is offered throughout the game’s live betting action as well. Here are several examples:

  • Over/Under
  • Spread
  • NHL Betting Odds and Lines
  • Betting on Hockey Parlays
  • Will there be three points scored in a row?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sports Betting on NHL Hockey Games

Learn the answers to questions that other bettors, like yourself, frequently ask while looking into different sportsbooks to join.

What is the best bet to wager on NHL games?

The hockey game, and any other sport for that matter, in which you will have the most fun is going to be the one in which you will have the best bet of winning. Betting on hockey needs to be seen more as a method of passing the time than as a means of supplementing one’s income. In spite of this, safe bets are frequently ideal places to begin.

Can I legally bet bets on NHL games using the internet?

Yes, betting on hockey is permitted in the majority of states in the United States when you use one of the hockey betting sites that we suggest.

How do NHL parlays work?

It is possible to combine many bets into a single, bigger bet. This will significantly increase both your risk and your return if you choose to proceed.

How do NHL odds work?

They work in the same manner as they do with other sports. First, establish if you are working with American or decimal odds, and then you will have a better understanding of hockey’s odds.

Where can I bet wagers on the hockey game?

You may bet bets on hockey games over the internet. Check out the sites on our verified and reputable list that offer betting on hockey.

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